What exactly is a super food?


From blueberries to pichuberries to bee pollen, super food list and demand is growing day by day. Between Chia seeds and Nachos, we all know which foods are the so called super foods

Lets list some of them – Spirulina, Almonds, cacao, blueberries, Quinoa, , brazil nuts, seaweeds, broccoli, blackberries, parsley, wheatgrass, wild salmon….and the list goes on..

Ya ok we are showing off, but how many of us really know what the term Super Food actually means??

Low in calories tops the list. And then.. super healthy, super nutritious, and super expensive!!! Well that’s just a start of the super food adjective list. But trust me if you struggle a bit more you can find a lot more about them.

The fact is there is no official definition or list.

The word ‘super food’ entered the language in 1990’s and it is common in use. According to an international mag source; “a super food is generally considered to be a nutrient rich food that is particularly beneficial, for health and for wellbeing.”

So the fact is super food term is usually a marketing term.

“The terminology unapologetically suggests that certain food items are indeed superior; in nutrient and health value to others, so the matter of fact is consumer does not always have time to research the nutritional value of their food and therefore rely on buzz words like ‘super food’ when shopping.

But there is truth to the claims that super foods have proven health benefits, often evidence by medical research – super foods tends to include phytonutrients which can slow the ageing process and prevent diseases such as cancer, heart diseases, memory loss and obesity”

Fact or fiction?

Some super foods are exotic, such as goji, maca and spirulina. Others are familiar such as oily fish like salmon. Recently there’s an addition to the list – Lingonberries – a recent study carried out by Sweden’s Lund University found that, when tested on mice, lingonberries almost completely prevent an increase in weight.


Amazing Super foods – Check this out !

Bee Pollens
  1. The surprising -BEE POLLEN : Sprinkle on your yogurt, cereal or morning toast.

  2. The Traditional super food- SPINACH :Contains B vitamins which strengthen the immune system.

  3. The buzzing new PICHUBERRIES / GOLDEN BERRIES OR PHYSALIS – Unusually for a fruit, they are packed with vitamin D.


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