Healthy mini meal alternatives for Kids

Most children tend to eat high calorie snacks that actually have very little nutrition.

Children need energy throughout the day and so one should target mini meals , with snacks from different food groups so that it provides enough energy to fulfil their nutrient requirements including vitamins, minerals etc.

Focus on smart snacking, it will help you achieve your child’s daily nutritional needs.

Always combine two or more food groups for a healthy snack. Fill their hungry tummies with the following healthy mini meals –

 1.  Zucchini – Paneer – Corn and Potato cutlets served with salad and mint mayo or hung curd.

2.  A rainbow wheat base pizza with  Red bell peppers, Yellow Bells, Green Capsicum, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Onion, Olives, Iceberg Lettuce (for purple colour..)

3.  Whole wheat carrot muffins 

4.  Oats Uthapum

5.  Wheat and banana pancakes.

And so many more which i will share soon with the recipes ..

These are very easy to make and their name only suggests the ingredients.. just a little here and there with The healthy choice alternatives and its done.

Any day better than those white flour pastries, french fries, patties , smilies and burgers monsters ..!

Shivani Sikri @ Nutri4verve

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