Healthy Meal Options for Navratra fasting

1.Eat small meals.
Don’t starve yourself; so as to maintain your blood glucose levels.

2. Keep your self hydrated; with coconut water, green tea, lemon tea, buttermilk.

3. Combine high carbohydrates with high fibre food.. like Sabudana or boiled potatoes with spinach, tomatoes, bottle guard or any other allowed fast fibrous vegetable.

4. Amarnath is a good protein option when fasting . You can have it with milk as a porridge or salty like Dalia; add Veges to make it a filler n healthier..!

5. Samak rice is an easy to digest option if you have delicate stomach these days.

6. Fight with your sugar craving by relishing fruit Raita ,dates ,Apple kheer and Samak rice kheer. You can add stevia as a healthier sugar free option Or honey and dates to sweeten your dishes ..!

7. For healthy snacking during fast days; mixed nuts, roasted makhanas, roasted peanuts or baked chips are good options .

8. Use skimmed milk and curd as a low fat option.

Jai Mata Di..!!


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