Happy Navratri 2019

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Vasanta Navaratri that is the most celebrated for Goddess Durga.🙏🏻🌹

Goddess Durga battles and emerges victorious over the buffalo demon Mahishasuran to help restore Dharma!

This month , Vasant Navratri is thus celebrated to worship the goddess of Shakti Parvati and to mark the seasonal changes.
vasanta which means spring. It is observed the lunar month of chaitra , post-winter, March–April.

Seasonal fruits and sweets are offered to the goddess as a part of the puja, that means stop ✋🏻 consuming frozen and packed 🛑 fruits and vegetables. Its time you switch to seasonal local food .. fresh fruits vegetables , seasonal harvested grains , for better health and prosperity. 🥒🥭🍑🥑🥦🍎🍌🍚🍛🌮🥗🥛

Majority of indian communities keep fasts to appease Ma Durga to bless them with good health and prosperity..

During this time of the year, people of the Jain community celebrate Ayambil festival with great devotion. People fast and have intakes of only pulses and cereals. No food is prepared with ghee or spices. They consider this festival as the time of the cleansing and penance.

Sacrificing your taste buds for 9 days is considered a part of devotion..
North Indian community prefers to have gluten free diet during fasts days .
“Which not only helps their mind and souls to purify / cleanse but bodies aswell and hence you gain good health.. better health leads to better energy levels and productivity. Hence success.. “

“A healthy body makes greats souls , great minds, and bring prosperity. “

So go on loose weight or simply detox by eating and picking right meal choices !

✌🏻Emerge victorious over inner Demons!👍🏻Good Luck!!

🙏🏻Jai Mata Di 😊





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